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Opening hours

Opening hours

The Royal Palace of Gödöllő is closed


Due to the current extraordinary situation,

the Royal Palace of Gödöllő IS CLOSED until further instruction. The park of the Palace can be visited through the side gates.


Please follow our online media channels to stay updated.





We would like to inform our guests that as of March 12th 2020, until furthur notice, The Royal Palace of Gödöllő is postponing all events and concerts with a number of 100 persons and more. The advertised events through to April will be held at a postponed time.  Tickets that have been purchased for these events may be used in the future or refunded.  Please contact the Information Office: +36-28-410-124, +36-28-420-588  or

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Opening hours in winter time


2019. November 5th - 2020 March 31st

Monday-Thursday                        10:00-16:00                                   Ticket office: 15:00

Friday-Sunday                              10:00-17:00                                   Ticket office: 16:00



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